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Hot dip galvanized steel pipe

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Classic engineering casesEngineering Case

The case name:Guangzhou university

Belongs to engineering:Guangzhou university
Application of the product:Wide gaps galvanized seamless steel pipe
Project scale:10Square meters

Your products galvanized seamless tube is meet our requirements in texture and appearance,Production has the reasonable material and craft,Use safety。

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The case name:Shenzhen byd auto co., LTD

Belongs to engineering:Shenzhen byd auto co., LTD
Application of the product:Wide gaps galvanized steel pipe
Project scale:700Square meters

The company's wide gaps galvanized seamless steel pipe very security、Practicality、Timeliness、Technical。In the process of contact,We found that the wide gaps galvanized seamless steel pipe and other steel pipe company,Operation specification,The process closely,According to the can depend on,And try to take the time to research the needs of our company,However, to provide perfect service。This way of working we are very satisfied。

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The case name:Laura duty wanda plaza in guangzhou

Belongs to engineering:Laura duty wanda plaza in guangzhou
Application of the product:Wide gaps galvanized steel pipe
Project scale:56Square meters

Through our products、Appearance of size、Material for testing, etc,And in the packaging process、The consideration in the process of transportation、Your products conform to the requirements,Can meet our company's products to packaging requirements,Products of good quality。

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Fifty years sincere focusHigh quality steel products research and development/Production/Wholesale/Logistics distribution
One-stop service


Fifty years focused on pipe fittings research and development production,
Do pipes we more professionalFifty years focus on tube R & D and production, we do more professional pipe

Wide gaps was established1990Years,Workers900More than one,Pipe fittings of sales2.6wTons,The output value2.2More than hundred million,Set research and development、Production、The sale in a body,A good brand,Trustworthy;

Using imported automatic casting to machining automatic production,Test and inspection equipment,To ensure accurate product parameters,Good performance,And up to the standard pipe production。


Guarantee the quality of the product,
0%The rate of return!guarantee product quality, 0% return rate!

Wide gaps in strict accordance with the quality to the national standardGBThe national quality standards selection,Each root steel is is considering the demands of engineering and the user,Ensure the high quality product usage!

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3CCertification and the United KingdomBGCertification enterprises,
High quality brandNational 3C certification and the British BG certification enterprises, high-quality brand

Strict enforcement of national standardGB/T3091—2008And the British standardBS1387-1985And American standard、Germany standard、Japan and other international standards,And passedISO9001:2008Quality management system certification,Won:“Pipe industry power brand”、“Environmental protection building materials brand”、“Certified products industry market”、“Reputation for quality service enterprises”Such as the honorary title。


With the thousands of famous customers to establish long-term cooperation,
Is the guarantee for you choose usLong-term cooperation with the well-known customers, you choose our protection

Wide gaps in responsible for the customer,The principle of good faith management,In considering customer help material,To save time、Worry!Establish long-term cooperative relations with many customers,And get the customer consistent high praise。


Professional engineering services,
For you to solve trouble back at homeProfessional and perfect engineering services for you to solve the worries

The engineering team will not only provide professional technical guidance and assistance,There will be secondary to self-check,Ensure the safety of the whole project、Stability、Strong!


Large warehouse,Delivery fast,Timely delivery,
After more intimately!Large warehouse, fast delivery, prompt delivery, sale more intimate!

Product category is rich,Huge Numbers,Well preserved,And regularly update products,Guarantee delivery fast,Timely delivery!

Establish a professional after-sales customer service system,Follow-up product usage,If any quality problems,The door handle in time!

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Wide gaps steel tube under Yu Mingxing group,Root in shenzhen,It has been more than 20 years of development,Has become the domestic pipe industry well-known brands。Wide gaps main galvanization steel tube galvanization steel tube manufacturer、Hot dip galvanized steel pipe、Gangsu composite pipe,Including galvanized pipe、Lining plastic pipe、Plastic coated steel composite pipes, etc,Steel tubes、Profile as many as 30 kinds。Wide gaps steel tube set research and development、Production、Marketing、Logistics distribution,Support for hot dip galvanized steel pipe price consultation。Operates in all parts of the country,Quality guarantee,High-quality service。Always adhere to“Create value for customers,To create happiness for employees,Create benefits for the company,Create prosperity for the society”The mission.....

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